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 Fruit Shoot: converting fractions to decimals
 Math Baseball Area Triangles


 math games mean median mode
To the Rescue: order of operations

 Estimation Game
Bamzooks  mean median mode

Mega Math Fractions

Fraction Tiles

Alien Exponents Game

Otter Rush: exponents

prime vs. composite

 PBS- mean median mode

 Tank shoot: comparing fractions and decimals

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

 Fraction Game


Animated Math Models

 Adding Fractions Animation

 Shoot the shape  shape test
 math museum- shapes  Academic Skill Builders

 Death to decimals

Pirate Waters Exponents

Project Interactive
 Jeopardy: fractions decimals percents
 Mrs. DeSordi's Links
Football Math- decimal place value
Glencoe Itools
Decimal games
Integer Football
 Decimals of the Carribean
Hoop Shoot: multiply decimals
 Funbrain Football
 Fruit Shoot Prime and Composite
 Factorization Forest
 Sketch's World: GCF
 locate the Aliens: coordinates
Jeopardy- exponents
 Stock the Shelves: Coordinates



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 Sight Word Games
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Gary Soto Scavenger Hunt  Greek Mythology
 FrontPage Directions  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
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 Ashes of Roses

Ellis Island

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The Science Spot


 American Museum of Natural History

Chemical Elements

Women's History Cyber Hunt

Periodic Table

Cells Alive!

 Web Elements

Math Hunt

Mad Scientist

Integrated Science for Students

Frog Guts

 Life In Space

What is a nuclear reactor
and how does it work?

NASA Human Spaceflight

Savage Earth

Amazing Space

Body Quest

Human Anatomy On-Line

Simple Machines

Ms. Hartman's Anatomy

National Weather Service

The Online Tornado FAQ

Carnivorous Plants

 Frog Dissection
The Faces of Science:
African Americans in the Sciences