7th Grade Content Standards


Focus: Personal Identity

Fine Arts Standards:

Create - Art to generate ideas
FA 8.2.1 Students will use the creative process to investigate and communicate personal voice in artwork.

Present - Art to communicate ideas, process, and product
FA 8.2.2 Students will understand and apply their knowledge of a variety of presentation and communication techniques.

Respond - To understand and appreciate ideas
FA 8.2.3 Students will use the critical process to compare and contrast multiple works of art, learning about themselves in the world.

Connect - Individual perspective and identity through the study of art
FA 8.2.4 Students will examine the significance of art in contemporary, historical, and cultural context in art and life.

Unit 1: Identity as an Artist (Learning the Artist Language)
Unit 2: Identity within a Group (Identity through Learning from Others)
Unit 3: My Identity as an Artist (Personal Artistic Voice)