Art Syllabus

Welcome to Art!



The Morton Middle School Art Department’s mission is to provide a harmonious and creative learning atmosphere. The students are encouraged to explore their individual artistic interests in each class project.


Ms. Swartz, Ms. Voss and Ms. Jorgensen all share the same goal: For students to learn about artists, techniques, vocabulary, and to inform students to make them more diverse and well-rounded individuals.


                                     The Big Ideas

5th grade Art

Artist’s Influence

6th grade Art

Artist Perspective

7th grade Art

Personal Identity

8th grade Art

American Diversity


Art Classroom Expectations



·         Always enter, move through, and exit the room in a safe manner

·         Use all materials, equipment, furniture and the room appropriately.

·         Use common sense!


Be Responsible

·         All rules in the student handbook should be followed at all times.

·         Bring all needed materials to class every day.

·         Passes will be issued for emergencies only.

·         All art that is made must be school appropriate.


Be Respectful

·         Always be on time for class so that your art teacher can get started right away.

·         Respect for everyone in the class is expected. 

·         Respect is also expected for other’s property and opinions.


Grading and Assessment

·         Course grades will be determined by summative assessments (65%) and formative assessment (35%)

·         Each project grade will be based on Art Techniques, Creativity, Project Objectives Met, and Effort.


Redoing/Revisiting Student work

1. Students are responsible for completing all coursework and assessments as assigned.

2. Students will be allowed redos and revisions of coursework for full credit as long as they are turned in during that unit of study.

3. Redoing, retaking or revising will be done at teacher discretion in consultation with the student and parent(s).