Mrs. Best's Class Expectations

    It is expected that students will:

        Come to school every day.

        Respect others.

        Have their supplies and materials organized.

        Follow directions.

        Pay attention and participate during class.

        Complete all assignments on time.

        Ask for help when needed.

        Always try to do their best.

Mathematics Standards

OPS Sixth Grade Math Standards

This course covers the 6th grade mathematics content standards. Students will work with integers, fractions, decimals, and percents, study metric and standard systems of measurement, apply properties of geometry, use data analysis, and solve problems involving multiple-step equations.

Contact Information

Mrs. Lacy Best



Materials List

    Binder (provided)

    Agenda (provided)

    Math Textbook

    Notes Spiral Notebook

    Loose Leaf Paper

    Pencil and Eraser

    Red / Blue Checking Pen