The Pathway to College Readiness
At Morton Magnet Middle School, our focus is preparing students for the rigors of college. We do this by implementing AVID strategies in ALL classes. All staff at Morton have been trained in these best practices for their content areas, along with training in writing, reading, inquiry, and collaboration. All students are taught organizational skills and the Cornell note-making method.  If you want to set your child on the road to college, Morton should be their first stop along the way.

EVS1 Community Research and Design

All Morton students will:

I.    Engage in the investigation of community needs and identify those needs that the students can have a direct impact on.
II.   Design, in conjunction with community partners, a solution to the identified problem .
III.   Engage in the processes of preparation for service and in the action.
IV.    Be able to demonstrate the learning impact and reflect on the service project and decision process.
Students selected to participate in AVID will:
I.   Apply the AVID curriculum, WICOR, to their academic classes.
II.   Write to learn, which is writing in all subjects, with a focus on clarifying and communicating their thoughts and understanding material.
III.  Inquire by using the Cornell note making method, participating in tutorial groups, and focusing on activities that clarify, analyze, and synthesize material.
IV.  Participate in a collaborative approach to learning, be responsible for their learning and will challenge, help, and learn from one another.
V.      Apply critical reading skills; analyze, question, critique, clarify, and comprehend the material.

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